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TLC:: Junko v2 by Cyube TLC:: Junko v2 by Cyube
    Junko v1 ::
    Name: Junko (Jun-ko) Age: 17 years Birthday: 28th July Gender: Female Height/Weight: 150cm| 43kg

Year: 2nd year
Club: Gardening Club

+ Reading | Flowers | Spring | Naps | Daydreaming
- Confrontation | The ocean | Thunderstorms | Closed, small spaces | Deadlines

Junko is a fairly quiet, watchful and sheepish person in general, but not overwhelmingly so. With other people she is likely to be friendly but quaint and cautious, and when faced with tasks she usually has an optimistic, though worrysome outlook that her determination helps her see through. She enjoys conversation and the company of others, though due to her introverted nature and tendency to daydream she sometimes finds it hard to keep up with conversation and events. Junko is a dreamer and in turn has a big creative streak and she hopes that it will help her do well in school since she wants to explore the world someday.
:new: So far during her school life she has met plenty of wonderful, funny and patient people, all who in their own ways have helped Junko to grow a little more confident with herself. Junko has developed a slight mischievous streak and enjoys plotting to herself.

Junko was born in central Tokyo.

Since she had been born prematurely Junko's parents were always very protective of their only child. There was a point in her life when she was young that she became very sickly. Junko would contract every virus and infection that had its rounds through the city, and because of this her parents kept her inside for a very long time and decided to home school her when the time came for her to learn. Even after her health improved they kept her inside and would scold her whenever she would ask to go out and play.

For a time Junko wasn't allowed to leave the premesis because of her parent's worry and it was only because of her insistance that when she was around 10 years old her parents uprooted and moved their small family out into the country to Lavender City where they felt would be a healthier environment for their daughter. Here she was allowed to go places (with a paid escort of course) and be like every other child. Junko started to come out of her shell a little bit and made her first friends here.

The years were kind to Junko and her family. They were healthy and happy, and after a while they even let her go places without her glorified babysitter watching her every move. Soon enough the time came to choose a high school. Junko's parents insisted on putting her in a private school rather than a public one since they felt it would be safer, and so with some complaint Junko agreed and enrolled curiously in Ishin High-school.

Additional Information:

- Though she is inexperienced in every aspect of romance, Junko is bisexual.
- Because of how sickly she was she has grown to be a petite girl.
- Has big, round reading glasses that she doesn't use even though she should.
- Though she is small in size she can eat like a full grown man and not care less.
- Junko has a special place in her heart for flowers. She can name every one and used to grow hyacinths in jars on her window ledge when she wasn't allowed to leave the house. This is now her favourite flower.
- Junko's fears aren't irrational. Over the years she has been swept out to sea, trapped in an apartment attic while sneaking out of her confinement, and been locked outside in a lightning storm on accident. For a time this put her off leaving the house, but she couldn't bear to stay away from the outdoors forever. 
- Has an albino axolotl as a pet that she bought on a whim. She keeps 'him' in a little tank in her bedroom at home. Even now she still hasn't decided on a name for it...

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plaaatina Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hnng I haven't been so active lately ;; u ;;
Cyube Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Same, bro ////
That's why I updated her app, to try and be more active... ; v ;
Tiny-Midget Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist
she's adorable <3
Cyube Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Thankyou! <3
kimitama Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

also those shoes turned out gr9 NICE JOB
Cyube Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
//sniffles// my baby is growing up so fast

thankyou <3
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